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My husband, The BibbedWonder, often accuses me of sucking him into my “hair-brained ideas.” I have to admit, I make promises I know I can’t keep. I promise things like, “I can do this by myself!” or “I don’t need you or your bad attitude!” or “I won’t make a mess and leave it for you to clean up! I’m not a child, Eric!” (Insert the ever so mature DUH! Face when spoken) After almost twenty years of marriage, we both know I am full of beans. This weekend was an excellent example of my broken promises.

Several months ago, I came home with three old doors. First, my darling husband hates it when I “drag in a bunch of old sh**.” He was annoyed when I unloaded my car. He was even more annoyed when I set them in his garage. He was over-the-top annoyed that they sat untouched for several months. He was mildly angered when he put said doors on top of scaffolding to get them out of his way. He was exasperated when I asked him to get them down to paint them a few weeks later. He became obscenely irate when I painted said doors on top of his new meat coolers. He was beyond exasperated when said doors sat painted for several more weeks. Finally, these doors that have been “the bane of his existence” made it to their intended spot for their intended use.

We have a booth at The 119 Trading Post. I have wanted to refresh our booth for quite some time, but there aren’t enough hours in the day to tackle all of my “hair-brained ideas.” Yesterday, I finally made the time to refresh our booth and put my old doors as a backdrop idea into effect. You see, dear reader, I have really good ideas…mostly. I Goggled how to turn old doors into a folding screen. I went to Lowe’s alone and bought my hinges. I just bought regular hinges because I could not find folding screen hinges, and I could not find a Lowe’s employee to help me. I would have gone to Keith’s Specialty, but they don’t sell hinges. Anyhow, I did all the leg work and most of the labor on my own.

However, I knew I would need The Bibbed Wonder’s drill, which he hides like treasure. I know how to use a power drill, but I was unsure how to place the hinges for the effect I wanted. I made a big production of asking for the privilege to use the drill. I made an even bigger production of finding the drill. I could have been nominated for an Oscar with my acting puzzled and confused over where to put the hinges. Finally, with much sighing and lamenting, my bib overall-wearing hero came to save the day. He screwed the doors together for me and only acted mildly irritated when I wasn’t happy with the placement. He then volunteered to take me to The 119 Trading Post and help me with our booth. See how I worked that, dear reader, he thinks it was his idea to help me, then he isn’t so over-the-top annoyed by me or my “hair-brained ideas.”

We worked together to revamp the booth with only mild cursing, minimal confusion, and a small mess. Overall, I think it was a success. Our booth finally looks the way I have envisioned it and is freshly stocked for the upcoming holiday season. Eric was happy with the results, and I was delighted with his help. We both knew I would not keep my promise of not bothering him for assistance with the doors. Honestly, I think he enjoys my “hair-brained ideas” and is happy to participate…mostly. Okay, maybe happy is a stretch, but I believe he feigns such high levels of irritation. Okay, I don’t honestly think he fakes his irritation, but it’s a level of irritation I can deal with, which makes it okay. Indeed, I can’t be that hard to deal with, can I? Don’t answer that.

On this chilly November day, stay safe, be smart; if you are in the area, check out our refreshed display at The 119 Trading Post, and of course, wash your hands.

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1 Comment

Nov 22, 2021

It looks fabulous! And so do you two cute ladies! Have a great holiday week!

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