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Saying Yes...

Big things are happening here at the farm. Not only did we sign up for and have high-speed internet installed, but we also got Netflix. Oh yea, livin' large! Not that we have any time actually to sit down and watch it, but it's here should we have a spare minute. We find ourselves staying up way past our 8 o'clock bedtime just to fit in an episode of Locke & Key or Lava Floor. The Bean loves Lava Floor. It is a game show based on the childhood game of jumping from one piece of furniture to the next without touching the floor; only it is for adults and way cooler than jumping on the couch. The Bibbed Wonder and I believe The Bean is a reincarnated Jewish old woman. She loves to "watch her shows," aka soap operas in the afternoon, she watches game shows and yells at the T.V. if left to her own devices, and she won't mix meat and dairy...a MAJOR faux pas in The Beans set of dietary rules. However, I digress.

We spent our Easter Sunday quietly celebrating with GramBarb. Rather than spend the day in the kitchen slaving over a traditional Easter meal, we went for low-key. GramBarb made lasagna, I made a salad and garlic bread, and our friend and neighbor brought us a delicious cheesecake. We did all the traditional Easter festivities and then settled in to relax in front of the television. We rarely have a day when we don't have a to-do list a mile long, and taking a day to relax as a family was much needed and appreciated. We jumped all over the board with what we watched. I finished season one of Locke & Key, my new favorite show, and watched everything from movies to game shows. We ended up watching the movie Yes Day! I found it to be very relatable.

Like Jennifer Garner's character, when I was young, I was game for almost anything. I had fun and adventures; I was fearless. Now, as a forty-eight-year-old mom, I say the word no a lot. No to Eric, no to the Bean, no to the dogs, no to travels and adventures with friends. Also, like in the movie, I am the killjoy, and Eric is the fun parent. Like the dad in the movie, Eric likes to pass the buck to me and my nay-saying. He is the cool parent that camps out, goes out to breakfast, sleeps with baby pigs, tells The Bean she can watch rated R movies if I say yes. He knows I will not say yes. Sigh, I am the meanie.

The Bean would love to have a Yes Day. We made a deal, if she does her schoolwork well without drama and an attitude for two weeks, picks up after herself, unloads the dishwasher, and feeds and waters the dogs without being reminded for two weeks; we will have our own version of a Yes Day. However, there will be a few more ground rules than what is in the movie. I find that I am actually excited for a Yes Day...and frightened. My bean is high energy, high activity, and fearless. I may end up in a body cast before it is all said and done. We have a wager on whether she will be able to complete her end of the bargain, but I know my kid. When given a challenge, she is going to buckle down and prove me wrong. I will keep you posted on our wager.

I hope you too were able to relax, have fun, and create some memories. As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, remember to say yes sometimes, and wash your hands.

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