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Share Your Gifts

Some of you may have received an email the past few Sundays about our YouTube videos we title Barnyard Zen. A few years ago, this idea popped into my head when I was watching my favorite show CBS News Sunday Morning. The show closes with a segment entitled Moments in Nature, and it has always been one of my favorite segments. Moments in Nature is simply a few seconds of various nature scenes. Sometimes these scenes involve wildlife, sometimes it’s merely beautiful scenery, but it is always calm, relaxing, and a positive way to end the show.

Often, when I feel stressed, overwhelmed, or sad, I go to the barn and sit quietly on the edge of the barn foundation and watch my animals. At first, they are always curious, nosey, and looking for attention. However, once they are accustomed to your presence or accept you don’t have treats, they settle into their lull of eating, playing, or sleeping. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, one or two of them will choose to lie down beside me and rest their head on my lap or leg and go to sleep. The comfort of their closeness, the fact that they trust me enough to let their guard down and sleep on me, and the comforting rhythm of their chewing are like salve to my frazzled nerves.

I know it sounds funny, but the sound of the goats munching, breathing, and, yes, burping is soothing. They have a steadiness, a quietness, and a calm about them that eases the worries of one’s mind. Although my writing is often tongue in cheek with a heavy dose of sarcastic humor, I know I am blessed to live where I live with the creatures who share their life with me. Not everyone has the opportunity to partake in this peace and solace. This week, I have reflected a lot upon the gifts we share with the world. One of the few gifts I can share with the world is a little piece of my solace and comfort.

I know not everyone is an overthinking, self-doubting, second-guessing introvert like I am. Still, my goal is accomplished if one person can escape the stress of the day, have a few minutes of lightening of the burden they carry, or a brief flash of a relaxed smile. It’s just videos of animals, but they are my family, and they are pretty special. They bring me peace of mind in this often crazy, overwhelming world. I hope they can do this for you as well. That is why The Bibbed Wonder and I have chosen to share our Barnyard Zen with you.

On this sacred holiday weekend, stay safe, be smart, share your gift with the world, even if it’s just a calm animal video, and make it a better place. Isn’t that ultimately why we are here? And, of course, keep washing your hands.

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