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Small Miracles

Sometimes things happen that are just beyond explanation. I wrote earlier this week that we have a new addition to our farm family, Mildred the duck. You may remember my story about another duck that mysteriously appeared on our pond a few years ago if you are a regular reader. This duck’s name is Preach. We named him Preach because he is a black duck with a white band around his neck, like a preacher.

Preach seems just to come and go on a whim. I’m not sure if he is a domesticated duck or a wild duck. He is the tamest wild duck I have ever seen if he is wild. However, I thought domestic ducks were unable to fly. Preach can definitely fly. We haven’t seen Preach since last summer. Much to our surprise, Preach has returned. Not only has he returned, but he is also hanging out with Mildred.

Preach and Mildred are inseparable. Preach is also showing Mildred the ropes around here. Last night, he and Mildred were hanging out in front of the barn, waiting to be fed. I was on my way to feed them when Buster decided his new game was to chase them. Sigh. Buster is still not in my good graces. He was scolded, taken to the house, and promptly put in his crate. I followed Preach and Mildred to the pond and fed them near the water. Preach quacked his thanks and ate like it was his first meal in a long time. I did not see Mildred eat anything. However, she seems more comfortable now that she has a fellow duck.

One thing that makes me nervous is that Preach has shown Mildred how to duck under the electric fence and move from pond to pond. I worry that she will begin hanging out outside the fence and fall prey to some predator or Buster. Surprisingly, I don’t see Preach and Mildred on the water very often. They are mostly hanging out under the oak trees or on the pond’s edge.

I’m astonished Preach has returned. His returns are so random and unexpected. I don’t believe it is a coincidence he is back now that we have a female duck. I’m just not sure where he comes from or how he knew. Nature is indeed a mysterious thing. However, I am happy for Mildred that she now has a fellow duck to spend time with and show her the ropes. I’m considering this a small miracle. Eric believes this will negate my getting more ducks. However, with Preach and his unpredictable comings and goings, I think Mildred needs a steady, reliable group to spend her time with and befriend. Two weeks and we shall see. I will keep you posted.

It will be a beautiful, summer-like weekend; please join us at The Ligonier Country Market if you don’t have plans. Opening day will be a busy one; I suggest you come early. As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, appreciate the small miracles, and keep washing your hands.

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Preach is back!!! That's awesome! Mildred is a lucky girl!

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