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Spread Some Sunshine

Earlier this week, I received a surprise Christmas present. Was it from The Bibbed Wonder? No. Was it from my bean? No. It was from our FedEx driver. Brittany is such a kind, friendly, helpful person. She does an amazing job, and we appreciate her. She took her kindness to the next level by surprising us with a beautiful Welcome sign and such a kind note. It made my day and put a smile upon my face. Those are the things that bring light into this world. It isn't the gift itself, although the sign is BEAUTIFUL! It is exactly what I would have chosen for myself. It is the fact that this lovely young woman actually thought enough of our family to take the time, use her resources, and do something to make us feel appreciated.

That dear reader is what I am talking about. That is my philosophy for life and my business. That is what I try to convey to you every time you read my blog, order from our website, or buy from us in person. You are appreciated. You make a difference in our world, our life, our day. We have had so many wonderful interactions with you all. The conversations that occur are meaningful, helpful, and uplifting. The small acts, the kind words, the genuine caring is what is impactful. When we send you a personal note, it is sincere. Those extra products are meant to convey appreciation, gratitude, and caring. If your "prize," as The Bean calls it, isn't your cup of tea, use it to spread some sunshine and positivity for someone else. It is just a bar of soap, but a small gesture has much meaning.

On this sunny Friday, counting down to Christmas, go out and spread some sunshine of your own. Give a compliment to a stranger. Let someone out in traffic with a smile and a wave. Buy someone a cup of coffee or a donut who looks like they could use a small burst of kindness. Please take a minute to send that text, that card, that email, or make that phone call to tell someone I'm thinking about you; you make a difference. It's the small things that can change the trajectory of someone's day.

As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, spread some sunshine, and of course, wash your hands.

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