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Springtime at the Farm is Coming!

Springtime at the Farm is confirmed, and we could not be more excited.

Our little event will be Saturday, April 30th, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. We have sixteen friends joining us. They are a unique, talented group of friends; they are also truly good people I genuinely enjoy. This event isn’t just about drawing people in; it’s also about spending time with people I care about and respect. Of course, I will always support local, small businesses, especially if they are farm-based. Springtime at the Farm celebrates all the talented, kind, supportive people who help make my world better and make what I do worthwhile.

Aunt Julia’s Donuts will be joining us. You all know how I feel about donuts! The fact my wonderful, hard-working friend makes them is like the sprinkles on top. I am not sure what Julia is planning for her menu, some have asked, but I can assure you, you will not be disappointed in whatever she makes. Personally, I am hoping for raspberry jelly!

Broken Locust, aka Pat and Sherry, will be here with starter plants, cut herbs, fresh farm eggs, and Sherry’s handmade baby bonnets. Pat and Eric have a running “bro-mance.” Sherry and I have been nicknamed “Gal-Qaeda” by our husbands. Sherry and I have to unite against the shenanigans Eric and Pat come up with…FYI; we’re taking on new recruits if you too have an incorrigible husband…insert wink.

Canine Confections is owned by my dear friend, Trisha, and her sweet mama.

Trisha is one of my market BFFs.

She is on my phone as “Market BFF” and on The Bibbed Wonder’s phone as “Market Wife.” Trish makes the most beautiful, nutritious, and clean ingredients pet treats.

She has an adorable little “barkery” in Greensburg and joins us at Ligonier. I am thrilled she is joining us on the farm.

Cheeky Cat Gifts and Stacy Brown are also gracing us with her presence.

Stacy has this fantastic little company that creates gift boxes from local, handmade businesses. Her idea is genius, and her taste is impeccable. She finds all these talented people who make beautiful creations and then puts them together in a pleasing and beautiful way. She supports local, small, woman-owned, veteran-owned, and minority businesses. Stacy’s energy is catching, and I’m excited she will be joining us. I gave Stacy’s gift boxes to GramBarb and my friend Jane for Mother’s Day last year. They make beautiful gifts.

Color To Dye For and Jen Braughler will be here with some new and stunning jewelry creations. I have known Jen since childhood, and her talent and kind heart have always stood out. Jen has a new collection of bracelets I can’t wait to see in person.

Franny Stadmiller will be here with her gorgeous gourd creations.

Franny takes a simple, unextraordinary gourd and turns it into something unique, beautiful, or charming. I have a Christmas gourd goose I bought years ago, and she continues to grace my kitchen at Christmas time.

JAW Wood Burning will be here with her gorgeous and unique creations. Ashley can take a piece of wood and turn it into art.

She makes coasters, wreaths, signs, and these amazing cigar holders. (I may see one in one bib overall wearing wonder bun’s future.)

Kettle Daddy’s BBQ is coming to fill your tummy and make your mouth water. Bob has some serious street cred when it comes to BBQ. You all did such a great job supporting him in the fall; I didn’t have a chance to try gossip-worthy mac and cheese. I’m reserving a serving as soon as he gets here!

Lone Oak Farms will also share their amazing baked goods, various cheeses, and whatever deliciousness they decide to bring. Again, you all know I love this family, what they do, and what they stand for. They’re just good folks. I’m thrilled they are taking the time to join us.

Lydic Farms will be here with succulents! This sweet family could bring just themselves, and I would welcome the time with them. In the fall, it was pumpkins; in the spring, it is succulents. If I didn’t have a black thumb, I would have hens and chicks.

My sweet friend, Sharon Smith, aka Mrs. Nut Roll, is bringing her moist, sweet, nutty rolls and her “B-Team” nephew, Chris. We had the pleasure of being neighbors with Sharon and Chris for a season at the market. It was one of the most enjoyable seasons we have had. Once you try Mrs. Nut Rolls, you will be hooked. It’s funny sometimes how the gift someone shares with the world matches their personality…

Pamela Jean Werner Creations is bringing all her gorgeous hand-woven artistry and accessories. Every year Pam creates new colors, patterns, and styles of shawls, scarves, and throws.

Every year, I come home with at least two plus a few gifts. Pam’s shawls are luxury with a purpose. I dress them up for a special occasion with heels and sparkles. However, I wear them with jeans and boots more often and feel like I’ve put extra effort into my outfit. Her shawls are great for traveling, especially if you’re flying. They hold up beautifully and never go out of style.

Prairie Girl, also known as Carlene Dowell, will be here with her fiber arts handspun fiber, and we can’t forget her lovely book! I’m hoping to have her do a reading of her book and maybe a signing…fingers crossed. Again, the gifts we share with the world can be so reflective of who we indeed are inside.

If nothing else, just have a conversation with this sweet lady. She is full of fun and surprises.

I am thrilled Samantha, who makes Rustic Smoke Candles, will be here at the farm.

Jordan and I have been buying Samantha’s candles for years, and we are always impressed with her new scents, ideas, and quality. Her candles last longer than any I have ever used, and they smell amazing. Check out her Facebook page; her photos are almost as amazing as her products.

Simply The Best Kettle Corn is joining the festivities. I have heard nothing but good things about the kettle corn and the man behind it. We are so pleased to offer another yummy option because, let’s face it, it’s all about the food!

Stacy Rising will be here as well, with her product line of My Daily Choice products. Stacy is an endless well of information and offers excellent natural health-conscious products.

Whew, that’s quite the list! Looking over it, I am excited for my friends, their products, and our little event. I tried to plan our event before Mother’s Day, so perhaps you can find some high-quality, unique, handmade gifts for those extraordinary ladies in your life. Even better, maybe you can find a treat for yourself. I am hopeful the weather will be nice, we will have fun, and enjoy all the people who make my world a better place. I hope you can join us. As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, mark your calendar, plan a day out, and keep washing your hands.

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3 comentarios
15 abr 2022

It will be my first time visiting all these amazing people!!😊😊

Me gusta

14 abr 2022

I SO wish I could make the trip! I will be presenting at a local workshop for educators about outdoor learning with young children. I hope everyone has a beautiful, successful day!

Me gusta

13 abr 2022

Sounds amazing! I can’t wait!

Me gusta
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