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The Birth of An Idea

Later this week, we will release our new silk soap! (Excited hand claps and smiles!) I have personally been using this soap on myself and Jordan for almost a month now. I know it is not everyone’s thing, but I get genuinely excited for a new product that I feel will make a difference for those who use it.

New products are exciting, fun, challenging, and interesting. I love a challenge! I love to research and experiment. I love it even more when it turns out the way I envision!

This made me think about the soaps, lotions and products I have already created and launched. Each and every one of those products had me excitedly prancing around and telling everyone who would listen how excited I am for them and what great benefits I believe they hold.

Which led me to an idea! Follow me, it has an end, I promise! I have often felt that I don’t have enough time or a platform to discuss with those who care to listen the benefits and uniqueness of my soaps, lotions, and products. So, every Tuesday I am going to (briefly) blog about a different product and spotlight it’s benefits and a little about the creative process behind its creation.

I look forward to sharing a little bit of the creative process, the wonderful benefits of fresh goat’s milk products, and hopefully, provoking and answering questions.

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