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As I sit and write this morning, I have mixed emotions. First off, I am much later than I usually am about writing my blog post. However, it feels as if there has been a shift in my small world. The end of our market season was this past Saturday. With the end of the market season, we often feel a sense of relief mixed with a bit of sadness, especially this year. However, the most prominent feeling is thankfulness. I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate in the market. I am grateful for the audience with which it provides. I am also appreciative of the successful season we had despite the world being turned on its ear and the chaos that continues to ensue.

Although market season began a few weeks later for us, it was extended a few weeks longer than usual as well. In years past, market season had always lost its novelty by mid-season. This year however, neither I nor The Bibbed Wonder, felt the usual mental and physical drain we normally feel after twenty weeks of market. This year, I hated to see the season end. I attribute this to several reasons.

First, the market is really the only opportunity I have to see more than a few people at one time. I didn’t think I did, but I miss seeing people. I am a self-proclaimed introvert and to be honest, social gatherings have always made me a bit uncomfortable but I miss seeing faces, having conversations, and interacting in general. I miss the on the fly conversations, the shared jokes, the interest in my products, and the comradery.

Secondly, I genuinely enjoy the people at market. I have said it before and I will say it again, Ligonier Country Market is a class act. From the directors and volunteers, to the vendors, and the shoppers the people are kind, genuine, interesting, and just overall good folks. I have made some very good friends at market. Not only people who I can chat with over donuts but people I feel have my best interest and well being at heart. People I feel would be there for me no matter what the situation with a helping hand, and an ear to listen. That is a good feeling. It saddens me to think I will not see them for more than half a year.

Also, it heightens my awareness that we will now be relying solely on internet sales and limited face to face opportunities. I have discussed before, the internet and technology aspect overwhelms me and makes me feel inadequate. I now will be forced out of my comfort zone out of necessity to stay current and not be forgotten in the chaos of the world wide web. That does not excite me at all…sigh. We are exploring some interesting options and depending on what happens with this virus thing, we may be doing more face to face interactions than anticipated. Please keep your fingers crossed and send some good vibes our way.

I am always grateful for those I consider my soap family and the support so many of you show us so consistently. It truly does make a difference to know that what we are trying to do has a positive impact on people and really makes a difference in their lives and well-being. No matter what our venue, be it face to face or via the internet, I will do my very best to create natural, beneficial, and unique products for you. This is what I love, this is where my passion lies, and this is what keeps life interesting.

Thank you all for a wonderful market season. You have no idea how much your kind words, your support, and your help in growing our little farm-based business means to us. In the end, it is you who make what we do worthwhile. Please trust this is noted and appreciated. Until October 17th dear reader! Stay safe, stay smart, we hope to see you at the Ligonier Christmas Market on the 17th, and keep washing your hands.

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