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The Need For A Nap Is Annoyingly Real

The little charmer I hooked my proverbial marriage cart to has a unique way of looking at the world. Often, his views and opinions are wildly inappropriate, and after almost twenty years of marriage, he still has the ability to confound me and make me cringe with his inappropriateness. His latest comparison deals with Covid, The Covid as GramBarb calls it. The Bibbed Wonder likens coming down with Covid to contracting a venereal disease. Sigh. I don’t even want to know how he can make this comparison. However, he says that just like contracting an STD, there is a level of shame and embarrassment to catching The Covid, and you are required to make humiliating phone calls to all you have been in contact with in the past few days. He really does have a twisted little mind. He’s funny but twisted.

We are pretty much recovered from The Covid. The only lingering effect we are experiencing is extreme tiredness. Even my inappropriate bib overall wearing buddy is napping during the day. I have a penchant for naps. Napping is a comfort I look forward to and a practice I wholeheartedly embrace. However, my anxiety-driven workaholic husband, on the other hand, reserved naps for Sundays until now. We both find ourselves sleeping later than usual. By mid-morning, we are both looking like we have been dragged through the wringer. After we have eaten our lunch, we both find ourselves dozing off, or we look at the other one and say, “Wow, I could really use a nap!” It has become a bit of a game to see who will suggest a nap first. I admit it, I have no pride and will declare it nap time every single time. I’m really not that competitive.

Not only are we napping more than usual, but it is also taking us longer to do things that need to be done. The Bean demands that the Christmas tree remain up until after her birthday. This practice annoys me to no end, but I do it because I really love my kid. If it were up to me, the tree would be down and out the door the day after Christmas along with all the Christmas décor. I know, that sounds very Ebeneezer-like. Think about it; one has a dead and rotting tree in one’s house. I don’t care what it is; dead and rotting is still dead and rotting and dead and rotting is gross. Anyhow, this year, it took me a week to get the tree out of the house. The ornaments came off one day, and then I took a nap. The lights came off the next day, and then I took a nap. The undecorated tree stood in place for several days while I napped. Finally, on Sunday, I grabbed the tree, carried it out the door, and threw it on the porch, all the while cursing under my breath at the filthy needles falling everywhere and the lack of help. I swept up the needles, and then guess what? I took a nap.

As I sit writing to you, the vacuum cleaner is still sitting where I left it on Sunday, in the place where the tree once stood. It just seems like too much effort to do even the most minor mundane task. I’m used to feeling tired, but this is just ridiculous. The Bibbed Wonder agrees with me for once. He agrees this tired thing is real and debilitating. He waited a day and then took the tree to the goat pasture, where it would be devoured like a special Christmas treat by my goats. It’s always fun to watch the goats chomp away at the retired Christmas tree. He and The Bean watched for a while, and then guess what? The Bibbed Wonder took a nap too.

I am ready for this annoying level of tiredness to go away. Although we are currently ahead of the game in the studio, it won’t take long for us to fall behind if this tiredness and napping continue. I say this all the while thinking about doing laundry, going up to the studio, and of course, counting the hours until I can take my nap. Sigh. I do welcome a good nap.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart; although annoying, it’s best to meet the needs of one’s body, don’t contract The Covid, and keep washing your hands. Washing your hands is the best defense in not catching The Covid and having to make those embarrassing phone calls.

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