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The Sounds of Comfort

I wish I could successfully record the sounds on the farm and share them with you, dear reader. It begins in the morning when we awaken between 5 and 5:30 a.m. In the spring, we awaken to the sounds of the peepers peeping in the ponds. The sound of the frogs is quite possibly my favorite sound, aside from The Bean and The Bibbed Wonder's laughter. The peepers represent not only the harbinger of spring and pleasant weather but also comfort, peace, and that feeling that all is right in the world. Add to that the newly arrived songbirds singing the sun up from the trees, and it is the perfect symphony. Soon, Romeo, the rooster, is crowing to welcome the day, the geese are honking, announcing it is time for breakfast, and our Canadian geese friends are flying in and circling the pond. It is all very peaceful, relaxing, and a charming way to awaken in the morning. Once dawn breaks, the pigs begin grunting and rooting about demanding their breakfast. We cannot forget the calamity the goats create, demanding to be fed and milked. Although I am not a morning person, the sounds of the morning on the farm are my very definition of peace and comfort.

The comforting song lasts throughout the day. All-day long, we hear the chickens clucking, the pigs grunting, the goats calling to each other. I miss the addition of Misty's quiet knicker or blaring whinny. It is the small day-to-day things we notice when we lose a beloved. The songbirds continue their gentle song, and soon the bees will be buzzing about in the tress and the flowers. There is always a gentle breeze blowing through the tree boughs. The wind acts as constant background noise here at the farm. Sometimes it is a soft whisper, and it is an alarming howl at others. However, it is continuous, and I notice it when it is quiet.

The peepers begin their song again in the late afternoon. They act as a timepiece letting the farm know it is time to start to settle in for the night. The chickens meander to the coop, clucking, and cooing. Romeo will give several warnings announcing to the hens it is time to retreat to their cozy coop for the night. Once all are in, that part of the symphony grows quiet. The pigs and goats are the next to quiet down. Then it is time to bid goodnight to the geese who tuck themselves in on the bank of the pond or slide gently onto the dark surface. Aside from a quiet honk and an occasional gentle splash, all is quiet for the night. We are then left with the gentle song of the peepers to lull us to sleep. When the nights are warm, I enjoy opening the bedroom windows to allow the spring peepers to sing us their lovely, comforting lullaby. It is the perfect way to end the day and drift off to dreamland.

On this sunny Monday, please stay safe, be smart, enjoy the sounds of comfort, and keep washing your hands.

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1 Comment
Apr 13, 2022

Thank you for that amazing description. I heard all those sounds in my mind!!

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