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Think Spring

Yesterday was a good day for me. I love what we do, but sometimes it feels like lather, rinse, repeat in the studio. As with any job, some tasks are enjoyable, and some are not. Creating new soaps, seeing my ideas come to reality, and having what I picture in my mind turn out the way I want always makes me happy. Yesterday, we created the first of two soaps designed for Mother's Day.

I have a fascination with all things British, Victorian, and historical. I love that in Victorian times, flowers were used as covert communication. Each flower represented a feeling, notion, or relationship status. For example, sunflowers meant devotion, red roses meant passionate love, and yellow roses meant friendship. The manner in which flowers were given or received also held a hidden message. For example, if flowers were given with the right hand, it meant the answer yes to a question. In an era of manners, etiquette, and social guidelines, flowers could convey a secret message that might not be acceptable to speak aloud.

When I created our new soaps, I used this age-old practice to inspire my scent blends. With Mother's Day in mind, I created a lily of the valley and osmanthus flower blend, which is lovely, dear reader. I chose the lily of the valley because it represents motherhood, devotion, and purity. A new bride would gift potted sweet osmanthus flowers to her new family in days long gone, symbolizing dignity and respect. When considering the meaning of each flower and experiencing the intoxicating scent blend, it made perfect sense to me to create this and release it for Mother's Day.

When designing the soap, black and white with emerald green imagery continuously entered my mind. I went for a simple, sweet look of a black and white hanger swirl and emerald green curls on top. The Bibbed Wonder questioned my design until he saw it in the mold. Once he saw it, he declared it was "beautiful." I always giggle when my testosterone-driven, bib overall-wearing wonder buns have an opinion on aesthetics. When he questions my ideas, I often give him the raised eyebrow and pursed lips that say, "Stay in your lane, math man."

I have been struggling with a name for this new soap. In the profile catalog, it is called Lily of the Valley and Osmanthus Flower. However, I believe I have settled on the simple and sweet name of Devotion. I believe that sums it up quite nicely. Devotion will be released at our Springtime at the Farm event on Saturday, May 4th. We will make a coordinating moisturizer, and I am contemplating a limited edition selection of spa products, but I have to clear it with management...aka the bib overall wearing nay-sayer. Don't hold your breath on this one, dear reader. Sigh.

Tomorrow, we are making our second soap with Mother's Day in mind. This is a blend of Rose and Grapefruit. It is a delicious, warm, and mildly floral scent that I believe you will love. Roses represent love, and grapefruit symbolizes recharging. I am calling this one Electric Love. I have a new design in mind for the soap top, and I am imagining a red, pink, gold, and white color scheme. I can't wait to show it to you. There is much to look forward to this spring.

On this lovely, sunny spring day, stay safe, be smart, think spring, and keep washing your hands.

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