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It is that time of year again, although it is looking a lot different for many, us included, it is time to get ready for the new school year. Recognizing the time honored tradition of back to school shopping, all things kid are 50% off on the website this week. With the emphasis being on good hand washing to successfully keep this virus at bay, we thought it might just add some fun to a very important task. Offering budget friendly options for our soap loving friends is just one small step we can take to help.

Many of you already know that Jordan, my now 11-year-old daughter, is the mastermind behind all things kid here at The Smiling Goat. I truly feel like this line of soaps is an accurate reflection of my child's personality. It is fun, it is borderline mischievous, it is natural, it is thoughtful, and it is beautiful. When she was eight, and I had just begun my soap making journey, she created her very first soap, she titled Sunshine Fun. It was layered with green for grass, yellow for sun, blue for sky, and white on top for clouds. She chose rose geranium oil for her scent because roses smell happy. However, she soon began to question why I couldn't make a soap that smelled like Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, marshmallows, and soda pop.

Always being one to encourage creativity, I began doing research for a natural fragrance oil company. Many companies offer paraben free or phthalate free options but they are far from natural or safe. After many hours of reading and research, I finally found a lovely little company right here in the U.S. Their products are superior, their service is impeccable, and they are a small, boutique company like myself. It has been an entrepreneurial dream to work with them. Not only do they offer natural oils, they help with blending questions and work with an in house perfumer. On a side note, how fun would it be to be a perfumer? Imagine creating and smelling lovely, fun scents all day? It would be almost as fun as naming nail polish.

Our soaps are created with the health and well being of all little ones in mind but my little one is my compass. If I would not use it on my bean, I will not put it in my soap. I have been exceptionally careful with my child and her care. From making organic baby food, to using chemical free products, from massage therapists to occupational therapists, to playing classical music while she sleeps, to reading multiple books every day; I have tried to treat her like the priceless gem she is. That is my standard for my products and that standard will never waiver.

Raw goat's milk is our first ingredient, along with coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil, and castor oil. The milk, the solids, and the oils are all pure, simple, and wonderful for the skin. Of course, with Jordan, it has to be fun, so fun it is. She has created soaps that smell like her favorite foods; smores, chocolate, orange, and vanilla. She is indeed a child born of my heart. I too love all things sweet and chocolaty. Of course, we had to include an unscented, highly moisturizing option because there are some kids who can't use anything scented. How like my kind little bean to want to include everyone in her soap line. She also has a mama who remembers the frustration of living in a small town with limited options for natural products for babies. It will never be tear free, because true soap without any detergents will of course burn your eye. However, if you are buying natural products for your child to use, you are more than likely very careful with their bathing practices. A little soap in the eye once in awhile, is safer than chemicals slathered on to your dermis on a daily basis.

If you have wanted to try a particular scent like Duck Fart, for example, this week is a wonderful week to do so. We have to add happy wherever we can, add a little happy to a new school routine with a fun tool for safety. All the kid's products are half off on the website this week. The discount will also be offered at the Murrysville and Ligonier Markets.

As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, add a little fun wherever you can, and please keep washing your hands...especially if you are going back to school.

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