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Tuesday Spotlight: Comfort and Joy

This week the spotlight is on our seasonal favorite, Comfort, and Joy. Comfort and Joy is my absolute favorite scent. This scent is soft, comforting, clean, and uplifting. I love it so much that every year I consider making it a permanent staple in our collection. However, I hate to remove its special status as a seasonal staple. This is a blend of sandalwood, oakmoss, a touch of aloe, and a hint of osmanthus flower. It is absolutely lovely.

The inspiration for this soap was my desire for something soft and comforting during the holiday chaos. Personally, I am not one to allow myself to get too stressed out over the holiday season. However, I know many who work tirelessly to create the perfect holiday. They cook and bake to exhaustion, decorate until it hurts, entertain until they crash and burn, and shop until they drop. Although not my style, I appreciate all who work so hard for the perfect day. For me, I prefer sleepovers under the Christmas tree, baking and decorating cookies that reflect my beans creativity, and stories read together in soft, cozy pj's. I enjoy Christmas movie marathons with homemade popcorn and decorating days with Jordan in charge of themes and placement of well-loved decorations.

The holidays are what you make them and whatever your approach, Comfort, and Joy is aromatherapeutic heaven. I highly recommend this soap and moisturizer if you enjoy soft, comforting scents. As with all our soaps and moisturizers, they are pure, moisturizing, and gentle. Comfort and Joy would be a wonderful addition to your holiday repertoire. As always, it is half off on our site. We are also having an early shoppers sale for those who want a jump start on shopping.

As always, stay safe, stay smart, may your season be filled with comfort and joy, and keep washing those hands.

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