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Tuesday Spotlight: Comfort and Joy & Sweater Weather

Today, our Tuesday Spotlight shines upon two of my all-time seasonal favorites, Comfort and Joy and Sweater Weather. I LOVE these scents! I have collected all the “bungs” or the ends and have them stored in my bathroom closet to have enough to last me all year. The Comfort and Joy scent is actually categorized as a “hay” scent, but I find nothing green or hay-like about it. This scent is soft, comforting, and a bit powdery. I contemplate making it a permanent scent every Christmas season, but my bib overall wearing Ebenezer Scrooge always shuts down another permanent scent.


Sweater Weather is another seasonal favorite. This scent is pure green tea, and it smells divine. I have a grey wool cable knit sweater I got in Ireland that is my absolute favorite, and this was the inspiration for our Sweater Weather products. Sweater Weather reminds me of a cup of warm tea cuddled in with a good book on a cool, crisp day. I love the feeling this scent creates. Again, I contemplate making this scent a permanent fixture in our line-up of products.

Both soaps are loaded with beneficial moisturizing oils and Tussah silk fibers. These soaps are wonderful for dry, itchy winter skin. When I use a soap with Tussah silk fibers, I moisturize only to layer the scent for the day. Tip: I layer the products and avoid using perfumes. I receive compliments regularly on how good I smell. This completely counteracts all the rude things The Bibbed Wonder says about me.

As always, the Tuesday Spotlight is half off on the website for the week. Now is a wonderful time to stock up on two seasonal favorites that won’t return until next winter. If you are stocking up for the year, as I do, be sure to store your soaps in the open air so they can “breathe.” The soaps will only get better and harder with age. If you are purchasing moisturizer to stock up, be sure to keep any unused jars in the refrigerator for long-term storage. As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings and keep washing your hands.

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1 commentaire

04 janv. 2022

Thank you for telling us about how to store our soap and moisturizer....I didn't know that!

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