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It’s again time for the Tuesday Spotlight. Today’s spotlight is on all things CooCoo Banana. CooCoo Banana is one of Jordan’s original creations. We used to watch a show titled Stan Against Evil, before The Bibbed Wonder went to war with the satellite companies…insert eye roll and sigh. This was a campy farce about a police officer who begrudgingly became a demon hunter. It was a terribly cheesy show that was mind numbingly entertaining and The Bean loved it! She would sit and critique the special effects or lack of and analyze how different “monster” looks were created. All the while, laughing at the antics and obvious jokes of the protagonist, Stan. One of Jordan’s favorite lines from the show was, “You’re CooCoo Bananas!” This line was used on several different occasions when something wildly outlandish happened. She walked around for weeks using this line. Thus, the creation of CooCoo Banana soap and lotion.

CooCoo Banana smells exactly like a chocolate covered banana. We found a beautiful natural chocolate fragrance oil and blended it with a natural banana fragrance oil and Bam! CooCoo Banana was born. The soap has all the wonderful benefits of our raw goat’s milk soaps and smells like a fun treat. If fun, fruity, and chocolaty are your things, CooCoo Banana is for you.

As always, CooCoo Banana soap and lotion are 50% off on the website this week. If you have little ones or just love a yummy fruity scent, I suggest CooCoo Banana. If it is not one of your usual choices, now is a nice time to try something new and fun. Let’s be honest, the way this year is going, we will take fun wherever we can get it…even in the tub. You’d be coocoo banana not to try our awesome soap…said with index finger spinning at the temple and eyes crossed or rolling or both if your really talented. If you are batting down the hatches and staying in, I also suggest Stan Against Evil for a laughter filled binge watch. I’m pretty sure 99% of the population has Netflix or some other awesome streaming ability. Unlike I, who am stuck with The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean for my entertainment…sigh. No wonder I am a bit coocoo banana…said with a smile and a wink.

Remember to stay safe, stay smart, try some CooCoo Banana soap and lotion, and wash your hands.

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