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Tuesday Spotlight: Cotton Candy

Today's Tuesday Spotlight shines on our last addition to the kids' line of products, Cotton Candy. The Bean chose cotton candy as the scent to replace her wildly popular Duck Fart soap. Sadly, the oil blend was canceled. Rather than try to imitate the original, she retired her funny little creation and went in a new direction. Her choice of cotton candy made sense to her then-eleven-year-old brain. After all, what kid doesn't like pretty blue and pink spun sugar? She also chose cotton candy because it is her mom's favorite carnival food. Side note: this is when she still believed I hung the moon and was not placed on this earth solely to destroy her social life…sigh.

The Bean's Cotton Candy creation is a lovely, scented soap and moisturizer that smells amazingly like freshly spun cotton candy. Have you ever opened a fresh bag of cotton candy from your favorite vendor at a carnival or fair and had the scent gently waft into your nostrils, making your mouth water and transporting you back to childhood? Yeah, this is what The Bean's soap and moisturizer do for me. If you are a lover of sweet scents, Cotton Candy is your go-to scent. If you have anyone that fits into the category of, say, eleven or younger, this will appeal to their child's senses and make them smile.

Cotton Candy, of course, doesn't just smell amazing. It's good for your skin as well. Like all our products, we begin with our fresh, raw goat's milk and add skin-loving oils to make a nourishing, clean, simple soap. Follow a warm bath using Cotton Candy soap with the Cotton Candy moisturizer, and your little one (or not-so-little one) will smell delicious. Fun soaps are a great way to get reluctant to bathe children in a state of cleanliness…in my experience, this also happens around age eleven. Don't worry; soon, they will turn into teenagers obsessed with cleanliness and smelling good. Adding Cotton Candy soap and moisturizer to a stocking is a sweet treat that won't rot their teeth, add unwanted pounds…or give them that annoying sugar high.

As always, our Tuesday Spotlight becomes our weekly special, and our weekly special is a savings of $4 on bars and jars. Whether stocking up on a personal favorite, purchasing an affordable gift, or trying something new, now is a great time to save. On this cold and blustery day, stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings, and keep washing your hands.

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