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Tuesday Spotlight: Lavender

Today’s Tuesday Spotlight shines upon the Lavender Bar and Moisturizer. Lavender is one of our most popular scented soaps. I love lavender, anything. I drink lavender tea. I enjoy lavender simple syrup in my coffee and use lavender sugar in teas and to top lemon muffins. Our lavender soap and moisturizer are the products you will most frequently find in our shower. The Bean and I burn lavender candles, use lavender room spray, and often use lavender essential oil when she feels stressed or tense. I love the scent of lavender.

When we create our lavender products, we begin with our fresh, raw goat’s milk. We also incorporate skin-loving oils, which include lavender essential oil. I choose to use Bulgarian lavender essential oil for our products. I believe the Bulgarian lavender essential oil has a true lavender scent. Because of its high linalyl acetate and linalool content, it has a more floral fragrance when compared to French lavender, which has a more camphoraceous scent.

Lavender is the most popular essential oil used for aroma therapy purposes. It is believed to lower stress and anxiety, as well as inflammation. It is also thought to aid in the healing process and boost one’s immune system. The linalool in the plant acts as a mild sedative. For this reason, lavender essential oil is often used in the bedroom to help one relax and fall asleep.

This week, our lavender soap and moisturizer are on special. No promo code is needed, and discounts will be applied at checkout. As always, orders of $50 or more ship for free. Stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings, and keep washing your hands on this lovely spring day.

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