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Tuesday Spotlight: Lavender Soap and Moisturizer

Today, our spotlight shines upon our classic Lavender Soap and Moisturizer. I have to admit, dear reader, lavender is my favorite. Although I don't consider myself a lover of floral scents, there is just something classic, timeless, and comforting about the scent of lavender. Not only that, but lavender essential oil has so many wonderful benefits. From an aromatherapy perspective, it is calming and aids in relaxation and sleep. I use lavender essential oil liberally around our home. I have lavender sachets in our dresser drawers. I also use it frequently in the essential oil diffusers in our bedrooms. I spritz it on our pillows when I change the sheets and use it to freshen our bath towels. My little bean is a bit of a candle snob; she likes to burn lavender candles around our home. We find the scent of lavender to be very relaxing and enjoyable.

I like to bathe our dogs with our lavender soap, and I use the lavender moisturizer on their paws when they are dry and cracked. I find that the boys do not lick the lavender moisturizer off their feet, as is often the case with milk and honey or our other delicious scents. Lavender is safe to use on dogs, and it is good for their skin. It is also believed to repel bugs, so that is helpful. I like to cuddle up with the boys after they bathe with lavender soap; they smell fresh, and I believe it helps them relax.

Lavender also has many beneficial properties for human skin, as well. Recently, I revisited my new rheumatologist. Over the six-month span between appointments, I conducted a little experiment. Because my new rheumatologist is certain I do not have lupus, I decided to go off all my medication to see what happened. My goal was to be off the medication, have it out of my system, and give my new doctor a clean slate to work with. Allow me to provide you with the abridged version of the results of my experiment. After several weeks off the medication, I developed dry, itchy, flakey patches on my eyelids, scalp, and lips. The first joints of my fingers developed lumps, and I had severe pain in my lower back, hands, and feet. My doctor was pleased with my experiment and concluded I have psoriatic arthritis. I feel this is much better than a lupus diagnosis. Although I went on steroids to get everything under control and began taking medicine for psoriatic arthritis, I find that my eyelids are still dry, itchy, scaly, and cracked. The only thing that offers me any relief is my lavender moisturizer. It helps with the itching and inflammation and soothes the cracked skin. Other scents seem to irritate the sensitive, delicate skin of my eyelids, but lavender oil offers a bit of relief.

I recommend Lavender soap and moisturizer to anyone suffering from skin issues or dry, itchy winter skin. With the dry winter air, many experience dry, itchy skin. Lavender is natural, gentle, and healing, and in my opinion, it smells wonderful. Now is a wonderful time to save on Lavender soap and moisturizer. It makes a lovely gift; it's wonderful for new moms and babies or your pets. I simply can't recommend it enough.

On this snowy Tuesday, stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings, and keep washing your hands.

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