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Tuesday Spotlight: Lemongrass Grapefruit

The Tuesday Spotlight shines upon our classic Lemongrass Grapefruit soap and moisturizer. Our Lemongrass Grapefruit soap recently received a makeover. I know it is psychological, but I believe the scent of the lemongrass and the grapefruit essential oils are more robust and longer-lasting. Although the appearance is different, the soap has the same high-quality ingredients, dense lather, and refreshing fragrance as always.

When I began making soap in 2016, Himalayan pink salt was on-trend. Himalayan pink salt is believed to have purifying qualities, draw out toxins, and cleanse the air. Himalayan pink salt "cave spas" were created, many spa treatments included this beautiful mineral and anything Himalayan pink salt was all the rage. I jumped on the proverbial bandwagon and made a goat's milk and Himalayan pink salt soap. The soap smelled divine with the blend of lemongrass and grapefruit essential oils. It was also a beautiful soap with a white and pink swirl, Himalayan pink salt blended into the soap's white, and large granules donned on the top of the soap. I was very proud of this creation, and it was very popular with people in the Fall/Winter of 2017. Once summer began and the humidity in the air began to rise, this beautiful soap morphed into a monster.

As it sat on the drying wrack curing, it began to absorb all the moisture in the air. It absorbed so much water that it began to sweat and drip onto the soaps below. The soaps that were boxed absorbed so much moisture they ruined the packaging. The wetness melted the salts on top of the soaps and left a granular white film on everything. My beautiful salt bars, sadly and reluctantly, were thrown away. Although the addition of Himalayan pink salt was an epic fail, the blend of the essential oils was one thing onto which I could hold. I removed the salt but kept the color scheme and the scent.

For whatever reason, this soap has bothered me for years. Finally, this year I took the time and revamped the appearance. I chose a color scheme that makes more sense to me, and I believe, represents the scent of the soap in a more organic way. Instead of a blushing pink and white swirl, it is now a gentle green with a yellow and brown swirled top. Although I still use the same blend and ratio of essential oils, I think the scent of the soap is stronger and more pronounced. I am confident this is all in my head.

The Tuesday Spotlight is on sale for 50% off on the website this week. While you are visiting, check out our new seasonal releases that are just in time for summer. Whether you enjoy the classic or are looking for something new and refreshing, the Lemongrass Grapefruit will not disappoint. As always, stay safe, be smart, and keep washing your hands.

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