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Tuesday Spotlight: Patchouli

Today’s Spotlight is shining upon our Patchouli soap and moisturizer. I forgot all about 4/20 until The Bibbed Wonder jokingly reminded me of the significant date. If you know, you know. Our weekly special is the cult favorite Patchouli; always ready for a joke, a laugh, and a reason to celebrate, we make our Patchouli soap and moisturizer the weekly special for you. This week's special is for you, whether you are an old Dead Head, a medicinal believer, or a young follower who partakes in certain activities.

I must admit, it took quite a while for patchouli oil to grow on me. This is the epitome of earthy scents. It’s warm, rich, and very earthy. Although I don’t choose to use patchouli for myself, I love it when my bib overall wearing buddy uses it. Patchouli oil smells natural, warm, and earthy on him, and it is a scent that suits him well.

Tomorrow, download your Cheech and Chong movies if you’re an old hippy. If you’re a young one, cue up Pineapple Express. Have your snacky snacks on hand, your water within reach, take a shower with Patchouli soap, and celebrate your unofficial official day.

As always, stay safe, be smart, and if you partake in such activities, be responsible, and keep washing your hands.

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