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Tuesday Spotlight: Patchouli

Today, our spotlight shines upon patchouli soap and moisturizer. If you love an earthy scent, Patchouli is your scent. I've shared in the past with Patchouli that there is no middle ground. People love it, or they hate it. I've never met anyone who has said, "Oh, patchouli; it's okay." You are either team Patchouli, or you aren't. If you are team Patchouli, this is your week.

Our Patchouli soap is, in my opinion, the most beautiful soap we make. I love the color scheme, the gold glitter on top, and the simple design. Although I am not a Patchouli lover, it has grown on me. I love how Patchouli smells on The Bibbed Wonder. Its clean, earthy scent suits him well.

If you love all things Patchouli, this week's special will make you smile. Save 25% on Patchouli soap and moisturizer. No promo code is needed; the savings will be applied at checkout. On this lovely spring day, stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings, and keep washing your hands.

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