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Tuesday Spotlight: Rose

A rose is a rose is a rose....words made famous by Gertrude Stein in her poem "Sacred Emily." It's a much more eloquent way of saying, "It is what it is, man." What it is this week, our Tuesday Spotlight shines upon our classically scented soap and moisturizer, Rose. Our rose soap and moisturizer have a following all their own. Periodically, I think I need to refresh and remove some of the scents in our inventory. Rose is always the scent that goes onto the chopping block first.

Without fail, when I think I have decided to cut this classic floral scent, someone or multiple someone's message me or tells me in person that our rose-scented soap is their absolute favorite. If I am being completely transparent, Rose is my least favorite soap and moisturizer. Believe it or not, dear reader, I prefer the smell of patchouli over the scent of rose. However, the glorious thing about our lives is we are all entitled to our opinions. Because I admire and respect my soap family and their views, I keep Rose in production.

This week's half-off special is for everyone who loves this classic floral scent. Don't get me wrong; it is a beautiful scent. Rose oil is fantastic for one's skin, and when blended with our raw goat's milk and skin-loving oils, it truly is a luxurious and richly scented soap that is amazing for your skin. If you love floral scents, this is a lovely one. My gorgeous friend, Joanie from Lone Oak Farms, who epitomizes "beautiful badass" for me, adores our rose soap and moisturizer. Just because I am not a fan of florals doesn't mean it isn't good. It can't be bad if a beautiful badass like Joanie loves it. Insert a wink here. So, enjoy the special this week for all you rose-loving, beautiful badasses.

Stay safe, be smart, remember a rose is a rose is a rose, enjoy the savings, and keep washing your hands.

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