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Tuesday Spotlight: Shampoo Bars

The Tuesday Spotlight this week is the often-overlooked shampoo bar. The shampoo bar is not eye catching, it doesn’t have a fun name, and it doesn’t sport a mermaid’s tail. However, it is a wonderful alternative to chemical laden shampoos and is easier on the environment with its minimalistic packaging. Jordan was my motivation for creating a shampoo bar. Her hair is so healthy and untainted by chemicals that I wanted her to have a purely all-natural option. The shampoo bar is a useful, natural bar filled with nutrient rich goat’s milk and oils that help nourish the scalp and hair.

When I was teaching, there was a lice infestation at the school where I taught. I would have the school nurse check my head daily because I would itch and have myself convinced, I had contracted the disgusting, intrusive pests. Fortunately, I did not contract lice. However, the outbreak was so intense and severe that the school was actually closed for several days in order for the families to deal with their personal infestations and the school was professionally cleaned and fumigated. They traced the outbreak to the girls basketball team. The girls basketball team was comprised of students from nice families who were diligent about hygiene. That was the real eye opener for me. I just assumed a lice infestation began with someone who was lax about cleanliness and hygiene. However, I came to understand that lice, like most creatures prefer a clean place to live. Ugh, just talking about it makes me itch.

I must admit, one of my greatest fears is that Jordan will contract lice. I just cannot fathom how one goes about treating such an intrusive infestation. I think of all the places my child plays, lays, and tumbles and she is absolutely everywhere. I would probably go the extreme and hire a professional to treat our home. However, there is the overwhelming task of treating the child as well. Thus, I created a tea tree shampoo bar. First, tea tree acts as a deterrent for lice. Secondly, it is amazing for the scalp. If you suffer from dandruff or dry scalp, tea tree oil is a wonderful natural remedy. I like the tea tree shampoo bar for Jordan because I know it is natural, it is free of harsh detergents and chemicals, and it will not create a build up of chemical residue on her lovely locks.

Although the tea tree shampoo bar has many wonderful benefits, there is a large population who prefer a more fragrant shampoo. I very rarely create a bar just for the sake of scent. My motivation is natural products with healthful benefits. If one is simply interested in scent alone, my soap and products are not for you. It’s a lot like eating a healthy diet. One knows the plate of vegetables is better for one’s health but not necessarily the tastiest. One can choose sweets and candy, it tastes good but it offers no nutritional value. I can’t make you smell like cotton candy and nourish your skin at the same time…at least not in a completely natural way. However, I can offer you naturally fragrant alternatives that feed and nourish your skin and hair.

This led to the creation of the Lavender Rosemary shampoo bar. Lavender is calming, eases inflammation and soothes irritated skin. Rosemary essential oil is believed to aide in circulation, help nerve growth, and is anti-inflammatory. There are studies that have found rosemary essential oil to be as effective as minoxidil in aiding in hair regrowth. Not only does the lavender rosemary bar smell amazing, it is stimulating and nourishing.

Of course, the basis of the shampoo bars is the raw goat’s milk, but I also incorporate hair loving oils such as jojoba, sunflower oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. One’s hair feels squeaky clean after using the shampoo bars. I love the shampoo bars for my bean. As I stated earlier, she has very pure, natural hair. I must be honest and tell you, I do not like the shampoo bars for my own hair. My hair is heavily processed, greying with enough curl to make it frizzy and unruly. Now that I have done away with coloring my hair, I may revisit the use of shampoo bars. I also have created a conditioning bar I am excited to try but that is something I foresee happening in the fall when time constraints and duties have eased a bit.

I have received wonderful feedback from those who have used my shampoo bars. It is a natural alternative to traditional chemical laden shampoos and it eases our footprint on the environment. If you would like to try the shampoo bars, now is a wonderful opportunity because they are 50% off on the website this week. If you decide to try them, I would love to hear from you. As you know, I take feedback very seriously. They will also be half off at the Murrysville Market, and The Ligonier Country Market this Saturday.

As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, do the best you can for those you care for, and always, always wash your hands.

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