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Tuesday Spotlight: Shave Soaps

Today's spotlight is on our classic, simple shave soap. Being that "No Shave November" is now over, Eric thought this a fitting soap for the first Tuesday Spotlight in December. I created the shave soap for my bib overall wearing buddy who shaves his head daily. Once I researched all the harmful ingredients that are considered safe and are present in most "soaps" and body washes, I had to look into shaving cream as well. I knew there couldn't be anything natural about all the high dense foam my bibbed wonder was slathering onto his head, so close to that attractive brain of his. Needless to say, I was not impressed and sought to create a moisturizing shave soap he could use safely.

The focus of my shave soap was not to create foam. I associate foam with a false sense of cleanliness and effectiveness with soap. Commercial brands often deceive one with their high foam and dense lather claims, which are really just chemical-laden suds that strip one's skin of its natural barriers. My focus is on supplying one's skin with natural, beneficial effects while achieving the desired effects such as clean skin, moisturizing ability, or a clean, close, moisturizing shave. I focused more on the slip of the soap so my little bald buddy wouldn't suffer knicks and cuts or razor burn. I admit it took some time for him to adjust to using my soap. He, like many others, was used to thick foam, the alcohol burn, and intense fragrance. However, once he adjusted to my more gentle approach, he truly felt he got a closer shave, his skin felt moisturized, and his razors last longer.

We now offer three varieties of our shave soaps: Unscented, Milk and Honey, and Manly Man. As always, the Tuesday Spotlight is available on our site for 50% off this week. They are the perfect size to tuck into a stocking or combine all three with a shave bowl and razor for a useful and thoughtful gift. It's also a very affordable option at just $3 a bar while on sale.

Dear reader, on this first day of the last month of 2020, stay safe, stay smart, be kind and giving, and wash your hands. On Giving Tuesday, give the gift of good health to you and those you love by washing your hands well.

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