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To the Moon and Back is the focus of our Tuesday Spotlight. To the Moon and Back is Jordan’s creation. We have had a bedtime routine ever since she was an infant of snack, bath, story and lights out. I’ve always believed routine creates a feeling of security and comfort and we rarely depart from our routine. Part of our routine is saying good night. One of the phrases we say to one another is, “I love you to the moon and back a hundred, million, trillion, gazillion times!” All the while smothering her in kisses.

This routine and practice were the inspiration for her soap creation. She wanted to create a soap and moisturizer that included everything to make one relax and sleepy. After several blending combinations, she was finally satisfied with her unique blend of lavender, cedarwood, ylang ylang, and frankincense. Being the fun creative kid that she is, she wanted this soap to not only smell amazing and relaxing, she wanted it to look like something that made one think of bedtime. We agreed on a design, she chose the color combination of “night time blue” because black is too dark and scary and a lot of kids are afraid of the dark…she is such a thinker. We then began the three-day process of making her unique and creative soap.

On day one, we grate bars of yellow soap that we create any time we have extra batter without any scent. These shavings give her moon texture and depth. We then create a small batch of white soap, add the yellow shavings and pour into a two-inch pipe to set over night. On day two, we unmold the moons, cut to the length of our five-inch loaf molds, and allow them to dry and cure for twenty-four hours. The third day, we mix up the batter for the sky, add our essential oils, and blue mica and pour into our loaf molds. We fill the mold three quarters of the way, add the moon embed, pour more blue batter on top, add texture and mica to the top for shimmer and wait another twenty-four hours to unmold, cut, stamp and rack the fresh new soap. It is a bit labor intensive but the results are worth the effort.

Once the soap cures for four to six weeks, we box it and it is ready to be enjoyed. I hope you have enjoyed this peek into our creative and making process. As with many of our soaps, this one is created from love and personal inspiration. If you are looking for a new relaxing scent to try, I suggest To the Moon and Back. Not only does it relax you, it is great for your skin. As always, the Tuesday Spotlight is on special this week. You may enjoy a 50% discount on our website and at the Ligonier Market this Saturday. Also, this Saturday will be the last outdoor market for the season in Ligonier. If you haven’t been there yet, I strongly recommend it. Go with an appetite and enjoy a wide variety of artists, artisans, and producers. It is definitely worth going to. One more note, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the indoor Christmas Market has been rescheduled for an outdoor market on the market grounds for Saturday, October 17th from noon until four. It is a wonderful opportunity to pick up unique, handmade gifts and support local small business.

As always, stay safe, stay smart, enjoy a bedtime routine, and of course wash your hands.

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