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Tuesday Spotlight: Toasted Marshmallow

Today, the spotlight is shining on Toasted Marshmallow soap and moisturizer. Toasted Marshmallow is a scent my favorite little human created when she was just eight years old. The Bean loves sitting around a campfire, giggling, joking, and spending time with her dad. One of their favorite things is roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire. My bib overall wearing fuzzy bottoms is a kid at heart, and he taught our daughter how to catch marshmallows on fire and launch them across the yard (away from the house, the fields, and the goats). Seven years later, my two favorite goons continue to enjoy camping together. Often, it is in the back of the truck and the woods behind the house, but they consider it camping.

Of course, when The Bean found a safe, plant-based marshmallow-scented fragrance oil, she had to have it. Thus, Toasted Marshmallow soap and moisturizer were created. As always, we begin with our fresh raw goat's milk, add skin-loving oils, and scent our soap to smell just like a real toasted marshmallow. If you love sweet scents, this is the soap and moisturizer for you. The smell is simply delicious. It is a soap family favorite and remains popular with the young and young at heart.

This week, save $4 on bars and jars of Toasted Marshmallow soap and moisturizer. No promo code is needed to save. The savings will be applied at checkout. On this snowy, blustery day, stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings, and keep washing your hands.

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