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Tuesday Spotlight: Unscented Soaps and Moisturizer

Welcome to another Tuesday Spotlight, dear reader. This week, our focus is on unscented soaps and moisturizer. We create quite an extensive list of unscented products. Although they aren't as fun and exciting as seasonal soaps, they serve a purpose and, I believe, are helpful to many. I create unscented products for my soap family, who suffer from skin issues and scent sensitivities, and those who simply prefer unscented soap. This winter, I have been using our unscented products. Several weeks ago, my rheumatologist diagnosed me with psoriatic arthritis. Ever since I went off all medications in the summer, I have been experiencing flares ranked from mild to moderate. Psoriasis appears on my eyelids, lips, ears, and scalp. Fortunately, I have a mild case, and it is manageable. However, I have been using unscented products to aid in the healing and calm the flares. I find our shampoo bars offer me the most relief from dry, itchy, scaly patches on my scalp. I use any one of our unscented soaps to wash my face and body. What I use really does make a difference in the intensity of the symptoms.

This week, our Goats and Oats bar, Simply Goat's Milk bar, Simply Silk bar, and Simply Yo-Goat bar are on special, along with our Unscented moisturizer. The savings are exclusive to the website. Whether you suffer from skin issues, have sensitivities to fragrance, or prefer an unscented soap, this is a wonderful week to stock up, send a thoughtful gift, or try something new. There is no promo code needed to save, and savings will be applied at checkout. As always, we ship six days a week, and orders of $50 or more ship for free.

As we wait to see if we will be impacted by ice and freezing rain, stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings, and keep washing your hands.

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