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Tuesday Spotlight: Vanilla Bean Dream

Welcome to Tuesday, dear reader. Today, we are spotlighting our latest full-time creation, Vanilla Bean Dream. This is the first time Vanilla Bean Dream has been on special. I feel like the Tuesday Spotlight is a right of passage for one of our soaps. Today, Vanilla Bean Dream has gone from a fun special occasion soap to a well-respected member of our full-time soaping repertoire. It's like one of my children has met a milestone...sigh.

Over the past several years, we have had many requests for vanilla-scented soap. Initially, I hesitated to create one because a cold-process soap with vanilla will always turn brown. I won't bore you with soap nerd chemistry. Simply stated, the vanillin content creates a chemical reaction that turns the soap brown. In my experience, brown soap is not very popular. However, with so many soap family members inquiring, I thought I should try to create something that smells amazing, is pretty, and embraces the brown color. I believe I have created a soap that smells amazing and accomplished embracing the color brown. However, I am not convinced I achieved a pretty presentation. I've done my best with what I have, and you, my soap family, have embraced it.

To create Vanilla Bean Dream, I felt I had to use exceptionally high-quality ingredients (If I'm being transparent, I feel this way about all our products). I created a blend of sweetly scented oils to enhance the warm vanilla scent. I then took the vanilla scent to the next level by incorporating freshly ground, oven-dried vanilla beans and pods. Seriously, dear reader, I wish you could smell how divine the drying beans and pods smell. My entire home is filled with the scent of warm vanilla, and it is delicious. I add the ground vanilla beans and pods to the base of my soap for a bit of gentle exfoliation. I then attempt to whiten half the soap batter and create a cream and dark brown swirl for the top half. Top it off with a bit of biodegradable glitter, and you have Vanilla Bean Dream.

This week, Vanilla Bean Dream soap and moisturizer will be on special exclusively on the website. For a limited time, you can save 25% on bars and jars. If you have not done so already, it is an excellent time to try our latest full-time soap. It also makes a beautiful gift, or if you have tried it and love it, it's a great time to stock up. It won't go on special again for approximately thirty weeks. That is how many soaps we have in our rotation, which is merely a loose "guesstimate."

On this lovely summer's day, stay safe, be smart, and enjoy the savings; I hope you like it, and keep washing your hands.

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