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We Must All Be Our Own King Arthur

Have you seen the world outside your window? This land is divided. Lost and leaderless. Men’s hearts have grown hollow.” -Merlin

The above is a quote from the movie, The Kid Who Would Be King, an updated version of the Arthurian legend. The Bean and I watched this movie last night and I found the parallels between the classic Arthurian legend and today uncanny…particularly this quote. There are indeed times when our land feels lost and leaderless. Our land truly does appear divided and men’s hearts do indeed appear hollow. In the film, there is the classic struggle between good and evil and it does seem as though evil is winning. However, the description of how evil works and builds struck me as well. “Evil distracts all the while it is taking hold and growing stronger while you are not paying attention.”

In a world riddled with distractions, it is easy to see how evil could grow and take hold. I try not to be gloom and doom. The world has enough of that. However, The Bibbed Wonder and I have discussed my inability to shake this feeling of foreboding. I feel like something much bigger is coming down the pike and it frightens me. I find myself grasping at the proverbial straws to control what I can and prepare for the worst when I am not sure what the worst really is. I am hoping this is just a phase or a mood that will eventually pass.

We are taking a week away from soap making to complete some much needed maintenance around the farm. Perhaps it is the fact that I am watching the news in the morning as I drink my coffee, or I am not practicing my therapeutic outlet of soap making. Perhaps it is just a moment of fear and a feeling of loss of control that has me rattled. However, I am not a believer in coincidence and I am an over thinker. Was it coincidence that The Bean chose a movie that we have had for more than six months to finally watch last night and it parallels the times? Perhaps it is just the residual English teacher in me, always analyzing.

The spark of hope, the ember of brightness is that in the legend good prevails and defeats evil. Of course, after an epic battle with destruction and loss of life but prevail it does. In the end, the message is we must be our own Arthur who fights our own demons and prevails. We may not be wielding Excalibur but we are all strong and mighty and armed with the weapons necessary to win our own battles. As long as we follow the chivalrous code: honor those you love, always tell the truth, and persevere with a pure heart we too will prevail. Perhaps the world just needs reintroduced to the Arthurian chivalrous code.

My musings today are darker than usual. It could be the weather, that I am fighting a migraine, that I watched the news, that I am focusing on fear, or a combination of them all. I debated upon writing this post but this is what is speaking to me and I made a promise to be real and truthful. I am not always sunshine and rainbows, inappropriate jokes, and goofy antics. Like you dear reader, I am multifaceted having ups and downs, highs and lows, brightness and gloom. Today is a reflection of my mood. Tomorrow may be fun filled tales and laughter. I rather enjoy sharing the fun filled tales. If you too feel these ups and downs, I hope my sharing of my own downs resonates with you and makes you feel not so alone. I would love to read your thoughts and share insights. I am confident, like Arthur, we will step up to duty, we all will fight the good fight and goodness will prevail in the end. Forgive my dark musings.

As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, honor the chivalrous code, which should also include washing your hands. We could call it The Chivalrous Code: Covid-19 Version.

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