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Being Grounded

This weekend, our schedule is full, and we are facing the weekend with great anticipation. The Bibbed Wonder will be flying solo at Lone Oak Farms vendor event tomorrow. I have been looking forward to hanging out at Lone Oak for weeks. Unfortunately, I am having difficulty shaking this stomach thing. Eric informed me last night from across the house that I am “grounded” from going to Lone Oak because I am a germ spewing super spreading health hazard. Sigh. He’s not wrong.

I would feel horrible if I passed this nasty bug on to someone else. So, my house arrest continues. As much as I long for quiet time, downtime, and time to do nothing but sit and binge watch what I want on t.v., I am tired of being alone in the house. I feel lonely, which is very pathetic. No one in my home wants to be around me. Eric leaves the house at the crack of dawn, doesn’t come in until it’s time to drive The Bean to the bus stop, and then goes straight to the garage. He sends me texts inquiring about my needs and how I feel, but he refuses to be in the same room. Yesterday, he stuck his head in the door to ask how I was feeling, but he literally ran to the other end of the porch when I got off the couch.

I was thrilled when my friend and mail carrier, Cindy, called me to find out where we had been all week. I see Cindy six days a week and look forward to our conversations. I was touched that she took the time to call me after not seeing me for several days. It gives me hope that Cindy will come looking for me when The Bibbed Wonder finally makes good on his threats to make me disappear. He giggled and said everyone had a price when I told him this. Sigh. He has an answer for everything.

I give my bib overall wearing wonder buns a hard time, but he has stepped up and taken care of things for me this week. He has gotten Jordan ready for school, cooked, done laundry, gone to the grocery store, and treated me with kid gloves. I genuinely appreciate all he does to make my life easier. Yes, he makes jokes, often at my expense, but he is a good man and an amazing dad and husband. His “grounding” me from Lone Oak is another way he shows he cares.

If you are in the area, stop by Lone Oak Farms to say hello and perhaps give him a hard time. I’m sure he feels a little out of sorts without my constant needling. Insert wink. You will be supporting dozens of small businesses and can pick up some fantastic local farm-fresh food while you’re at it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, dear reader. As always, stay safe, be smart, have a great weekend, and keep washing your hands. Whatever I have isn’t Covid, but it’s nasty, so wash your hands!

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I have been going to Lone Oak once a week for ice cream. Their ice cream is amazing! You have to try it!

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