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Thank You Is Not Enough

The Bibbed Wonder with his new bibbed buddy, Ashleigh Bowman.

Springtime At The Farm is in the books for 2024. Although the week leading up to our farm event was gorgeous, Saturday's weather was a little disappointing. Despite rain in the morning, you all braved the chance of showers and chilly temps and came out to support us and our small business owner friends. You all are rock stars. Our farm events are hands down our favorite events. Although The Bibbed Wonder and I tried to greet everyone, thank everyone and make everyone feel welcome, there were quite a few we did not get a chance to talk to and thanked. Please know how very much we appreciate your support.

The day's highlights are too many to list, but a few of my favorites were seeing so many friendly, familiar faces. However, we were thrilled to meet and see quite a few new faces. Two of my favorite people, Ed and Susan, staunch supporters, were here. We also enjoyed seeing friends we met at the Shaker Woods Festival right here on our farm. This sweet couple traveled from Washington County, stayed overnight in Indiana, and made a weekend of it. The people make what we do worthwhile, and I am so grateful to you all.

With the rain came a bit of mud. The Bibbed Wonder had to bring out his handy tractor to help unstick a few stuck friends. The mud made for interesting conversations, and driving skills and four-wheel drives were tested. Mud is part of farm life, and our soap family got to experience this firsthand. A few incidents had me biting my nails and saying, "Oh, my!" under my breath, but all was well.

After a wonderful day of chatting and making new friends, my friends Tricia and Carlene stayed for a cup of coffee and a donut. Once almost everyone was gone for the day, I let my chickens out of their coop to forage and stretch their legs. Carlene asked if we were willing to give her a rooster. The Bean chimed in without hesitation with a resounding YES! Carlene, Jenna, and Jordan commenced trying to catch Roderick, our young white rooster. I wish I had recorded those three chasing down that chicken. Carlene assured me that the audio alone was recording-worthy. My friend Carlene will turn seventy-five this year, but the twenty-three-year-old and fifteen-year-old had difficulty keeping up with her. We all laughed over their antics, and Jenna got the gold medal for catching the elusive Roderick.

Jenna, the chicken catcher, wisely sealed Roderick in a box with tape. Carlene drove him without incident to his new home in Maryland. Carlene called me to let me know everyone made it home safely. She was not assaulted by an escaped rooster on her ride home. Roderick is smitten with his new brides, and they are with him. It is a win for everyone. Roderick has a beautiful new home where he will be cared for and loved. The Bean has one less rooster to worry about, and The Bibbed Wonder has one less rooster crowing in the barn during the morning milking to complain about. All is right with the world.

Once we settled in for the evening, several of my vendor friends reached out to me, thanking me for the day. Each one had a story to share about some lovely person or persons that they had met. They all said what a wonderful crowd we draw, how supportive our soap family is to everyone, and how they are impressed with the people who attend our events. We feel loved and supported on the days we host our farm events, but it is our soap family who are truly magical. We could not do what we do without you all and we are so grateful you have chosen to be part of our circle. I say all the time I appreciate you, but words cannot express the appreciation, gratitude, and love that we have for our soap family. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

On this May day, stay safe, be smart, please know how grateful I am for you all, and keep washing your hands.

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3 comentarios

06 may

We would not have missed it for the world!

Your farm gives me peace for my soul as I tell my hubby.( As soon as we turn into your lane it brings back to me happy memories of my grandparents and their farm. It was smaller then yours,but i have many happy childhood memories of it.) We loved seeing and saying hi to you guys! I also love the new scents!

Loved seeing the goats and geese also.

Me gusta

Thank you for opening up your beautiful farm to your customers. We enjoyed all your vendors and speaking with you and the Bibbed Wonders. Ashleigh does beautiful drawings!

Me gusta

This was on my calendar for months so we were not going to miss it even with the rain. My husband loves Julia’s donuts, I always enjoy shopping at the Smiling Goat tent and of course I had to get some homemade jewelry before we left. It was such a joy to see all the goats and some babies. A fun day out!

Me gusta
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