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It Doesn't Happen Very Often...

Happy Thursday and Leap Year, dear reader. The Bibbed Wonder and I have a difficult time keeping secrets. If purchased well before the big day, Christmas gifts are given early. Birthday surprises are never surprises. Holding back information is not part of our dynamic. So, the fact that we created a new soap for the kid's line and never mentioned it is somewhat of a shock. Last week, we realized our latest creation for the kid's line would be ready to debut this week. We decided to keep it quiet. Just like Leap Year, holding back rarely happens.

Today, I will tell you all about our latest kid-friendly soap, Fairy Tale. The Bean and I collaborated to create several new scents for our kid-friendly line-up of products. Fairy Tale is the first of these new creations to premiere. Fairy Tale is a unique blend of raspberry and baby powder. Before you pass judgment and think it odd, you need to give it a good sniff. It smells lovely, trust me. Fairy Tale is a soft, comforting, slightly fruity scent that smells even better when used in a warm bath or shower. It is more sophisticated than simple baby powder but clean, fresh, and comforting. It smells like climbing into a bed made up with fresh sheets dried on the clothesline after a long day of playing outside in the sunshine on a warm summer's day. It is everything happily ever after and sweet dreams.

When choosing the color combination for our Fairy Tale soap, The Bean thought a combination of periwinkle blue, fuschia, and gold would be magical. We tried a new drop swirl technique and, of course, added glitter to the top to make it sparkle. I am quite pleased with the finished product and can't wait to share it. Today is a doubly great day to order online. Today, every order of $50 or more will receive a free bar of our new Fairy Tale soap as a gift in their order. Also, save 29% on all online orders using the promo code LeapYear24 at checkout. This offer only lasts until midnight tonight, so don't delay. It wouldn't be a celebration without a giveaway. Go to our Facebook page and like, comment, and share our post about Fairy Tale to enter a free drawing to win a bar and jar of Fairy Tale soap and moisturizer, along with a wooden soap deck.

On this chilly, sunny Leap Year, stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings, try our new Fairy Tale, and keep washing your hands.

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1 Comment

Feb 29

Can’t wait to try this one!

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