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Two Down, Forty-Eight To Go

Happy Wednesday, dear reader. Today I will share my first adventure in my year-long quest for fifty fun things. On Sunday, I ventured to Ligonier to participate in their Witches Brigade. This was an adult-only activity. To participate, one had to dress up in all their witchy finery, be 21 or over, and be willing to have a good time…check, check, and check.

I went with my friends from college, Monica, and Marie. Monica and Marie are identical twins. I believe the phrase “double trouble” was created for these two. Back in college, the twins were always up to something. We would spend hours laughing over their antics and misadventures. No matter the situation, if Monica and Marie are involved, it’s a party. I knew this outing was going to be a good one.

On Sunday, I donned the elaborate witch costume that I built upon every year. I now have actual witch boots, complete with pointy toes, a lovely conical hat, a cape, a necklace of spiders, and a fixator with a spider in case I’m not feeling my pointy hat…I like choices. The Bean did my make-up. She gave me a smokey green eye and an intricate spider web under my eye. I had fun getting dressed up, and The Bean was happy to be able to help me with my costume.

I had decided I would be the designated driver for the day. However, when I arrived at Marie’s house, I was told it was my celebration, and I would not be driving. I was promptly handed a glass of wine and told to drink up. Being that I had not eaten anything that day, the wine worked its magic, and I was under its spell. By the time we reached Ligonier, I could not feel my teeth. Not being able to feel my teeth has always been my gauge for my level of intoxication. It was going to be a long day.

Once we finally arrived at The Watershed Park in Ligonier, we discovered we were the last participants to arrive. There was a bit of a discrepancy on the best way to go to Ligonier, and we ended up taking the long scenic route. However, because it was such a beautiful day and I was relaxed on wine, being late did not create any level of concern. Once there, we boarded the shuttle to the town center and were on our way.

We entered two local establishments, only to decide they were too crowded. Monica spotted a series of white tents with smoke billowing from them and loud music carrying on the wind. We walked to investigate and discovered the local fire company was having a dance party to support the local animal shelter. I immediately ordered a hamburger while the girls got the cocktail special, pomegranate juice with vodka. I ate my hamburger and settled for water. With a hamburger in my belly, I quickly went from feeling buzzed to just relaxed…that was a better feeling.

The DJ played Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun, and the girls dragged me to the dance floor. We quickly made friends with witches of all ages and spent the next two hours dancing. When we were tired of dancing, we walked about town taking in all the sights and sounds of the day. It was a good day for people-watching. Everyone was friendly, polite, and helpful. It was a day of sisterhood and revelry.

To end our day, we got a slice of pizza and sat outside under umbrellas talking, laughing, and catching up. We decided to walk to The Watershed Park rather than ride the shuttle. On the way, we helped a fallen witch to her feet, she may have taken in too much magical potion, and we took a ton of pictures of us, the foliage, and the beautiful town of Ligonier. Overall, it was a great way to begin a year of fifty fun things.

I have forgotten how much fun it is to go out with my girlfriends with no other purpose than to have a good time. I can’t remember the last time I had an outing with the intent of having fun. I also forgot that I struggled to keep up with the twins in the party scene during my twenties. In my fiftieth year, things haven’t changed. I felt like Mary Sanderson in Hocus Pocus 2. I needed a stool and a snack.

My next two adventures will be having high tea at a tea house and eating sushi. Please stay tuned. On this lovely October Wednesday, stay safe, be smart, go out with the intent to have fun, and keep washing your hands.

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