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Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

Herb Spiral Inspiration

I am not a joiner. I don't join clubs, groups, or organizations. I don't often step out of my comfort zone to join anything. Is it because I am antisocial and aloof? No, I've shared before that I am a bit backward in social settings. I simply don't feel comfortable in a large group where I know no one. However, I tend to surround myself with people who are joiners. Many of my friends are far more outgoing than I am, and I tend to live vicariously through them. Well, dear reader, last night, I stepped outside my comfort zone and went to a meeting with the Herb Study Group of Indiana County. I did this on my own volition.

Of course, I did not go alone. My trustee sidekick, Jenna, was kind enough to join me. Actually, I need to clarify. I brought up the idea of going to the herb society meeting up with Jenna a few weeks ago. She reminded me there was a meeting the night before and asked if I still wanted to go. So, really, if it weren't for Jenna, I would have forgotten about it...or maybe blown it off. Anyhow, the herb society was my idea, but Jenna made it happen. Jenna and I went to dinner and then to the first Herb Society meeting of the year. I'm so appreciative I have friends who force me to leave my comfort zone.

Several years ago, I was introduced to the Herb Society when asked to be a guest speaker at one of their meetings. I discussed making soap, using herbs for skin benefits, and my business. Several lovely people have become long-standing supporters of what I do from that evening. I have wanted to attend the meetings, but I always found an excuse not to, mostly stemming from my discomfort of being in a group where I know no one. Last night was the first step in doing something I have wanted for years.

I did not know what to expect from the meeting, but growing herbs interests me. I have put in a small herb garden by my front door, and surprisingly, it has been successful. Aside from the chickens eating all my dill, my herbs have done well. I have planted rosemary, thyme, parsley, cilantro, sage, bee balm, and lemon balm. I consider this a great success due to my lack of knowledge and focus regarding plants. I have a large dehydrator that I dry my herbs in, and I save them in glass jars and use them for cooking and to make a natural salve for cold sores and sore noses.

Last night was quite enjoyable. It was enjoyable despite having to go around the room and introduce myself. We were given several handouts containing partner plantings for herbs and vegetables, recipes, and a syllabus for the upcoming year. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Of course, Jenna paid her dues and joined for the year...she's such a little joiner! However, we refrained from signing up for any committees or commitments. However, if she sticks with it, I can see my friend getting involved and running for office. I prefer to sit quietly, listen, and observe from the sidelines. I know nothing about gardening, but I am happy to listen to this group's wisdom.

Also, I am a new member of the Herb Study Group of Indiana County. I actually joined something without being bullied into it. Perhaps I will become a joiner after all. Each meeting will consist of an activity or speaker which is interesting. Last night, we made an essential oil and bead project. It was fun and creative. Jenna hung hers from her rearview mirror. I am unsure of where I will hang mine. I do know that when I look at it, it makes me smile. My goal this year is to build an herb spiral in the center of the garden area. Eventually, I would like to surround this with raised beds and flowers—however, one step at a time. I will need a fence to protect my raised beds from the deer. Hopefully, joining this group will improve my gardening skills and my knowledge.

I am grateful for my friends who drag me out of my comfort zone. I would never have gone to a meeting if it weren't for Jenna. I'm also grateful that the group was welcoming and friendly. It makes my little introverted heart happy to be around people who are kind and willing to share. I'll keep you posted on the progress of my herb spiral. It's in the planning stages.

On this stormy late winter's day, stay safe, be smart, get out of your comfort zone, be open to new things, and keep washing your hands.

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Feb 28

Looking forward to reading more about this and do hope you share your natural salve recipe.

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