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That's Exciting

Today, I have exciting news. We are offering a seasonal sampler with all our Spring/Early Summer soaps included. This idea was created by none other than The Bibbed Wonder. We mulled it over and eventually polled our Facebook followers for confirmation that it is something people would enjoy. My bib overall wearing buddy announced to me in a deep baritone voice, "Facebook says, it's a go!"

Our summer sampler includes Lilac, Honeysuckle, Calm, Cool & Collected, Casablanca, and Sweet Honeysuckle Pear. The sampler is discounted and offers an opportunity for savings and convenience. Depending on how this first sampler is received, we may provide a sampler of all our seasonal soaps. Now, if I can get The Bibbed Wonder to agree to custom boxes, my vision will be fulfilled. I am not holding my breath on that one (insert a wink).

If you have wanted to try our new Spring/Summer Seasonals, the sampler makes it easy, cost-effective, and convenient. A sampler is also a lovely gift idea for someone you may not know what to give. Please check out our sampler under the seasonals on our website. I hope you are excited about this too. We always love constructive feedback, so please share your insight. It and you are greatly appreciated.

As always, stay safe, be smart, please let us know what you think, and keep washing your hands.

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