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The Bibbed Wonder, AKA Jesus Christ, Super Star

I have said many times my husband is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. Well, dear reader, my little bib overall wearing wonder buns knocked it out of the park this time. I am forever grateful he is part of my life. For the last two weeks or so, I have felt poor. My face and hands turn numb and tingle, my heart does this weird fluttery thing, I become short of breath with minor physical exertion, I am lightheaded and dizzy, I lose all my color, and I’m exhausted. The kind of exhaustion that a nap can’t cure. I thought I was having a bad spell or flare, but when it lasted for multiple weeks, I thought it must be my blood pressure. I was almost ready to call the cardiologist…no judgment; I know I should have called a doctor. However, I hate to go to the doctor. I feel like a hypochondriac or a whiney baby. Most of the time, I write everything down, and when I go to the doctor every three to six months, I go in with a list. Perhaps not the best approach to health and well-being, but it’s what I do.

The Bibbed Wonder was worried about me. He worries, but he’s not a pushy pain in the bottom about making me go to the doctor. He says he has respect for my wishes, whereas I violate his privacy and right to choose his care when he is sick…sigh. I am just an aggressive caregiver. I tell him I care about his well-being, and he merely hopes I disappear so he can find a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Asian little person to make his bride. That, dear reader, is a story for another day.

The Bibbed Wonder Googled my symptoms, and anemia was the first thing to pop up. He asked me if I thought I could be anemic. I am continually anemic like I can’t ever donate blood because I am anemic. I know I should take supplements, and I’ve been given prescriptions, but I am always reluctant to take pills, and most of the time, I blow it off. When I told him this, he sighed a long, annoyed sigh and returned to the computer. The following day, he had errands to run. The Bibbed Wonder hates to leave the farm, but sometimes it’s necessary. When he returned from his speedy trip, he handed me a small brown bag and said, “Take these and see if they help you.” He brought home a bottle of iron supplements, folate, and vitamin B12. I took the B12 immediately because it was the only one that did not recommend taking it with food. Most days, I don’t eat during the day, and I have dinner around six. I was unaware of the power of B12. I wish I had known about it sooner.

I had almost an immediate boost in energy. However, by dinner time, I was an irritable, shaking mess, and I was hangry! Eric and Jordan kept making fun of me for my meanness and threw wontons dipped in duck sauce at my face to get my blood sugar up. I felt almost buzzed once I ate and took the iron and folate. It was an odd sensation. However, when I awoke the following day, I was not dizzy when I stood up from bed. I did not have to hold onto the wall to maintain my balance, and I felt GOOD. I’m talking really, really good.

I had so much energy and felt so much better that with the help of my fuzzy bottoms, I cleaned windows, deep-cleaned the bathroom, did laundry, and cleaned the spare room. That, dear reader, is a lot for me. I could not get over how very good I felt. I made sure to eat during the day so I did not have a repeat of the hangry shakes, and I drank a gallon of water. The Bibbed Wonder told me he cured me like he cures our goats when they become anemic. He teased me and said for good measure he should worm me and asked if I preferred a shot, pour on, or a drench. I had a few choice words for him, and he replied, “Okay, have it your way, but the shot burns.” Sigh, he ruins all his good qualities with that mouth of his.

I thanked him repeatedly for getting me the supplements and taking the time to research my symptoms. He now raises his hands over his head, sings ah, ahhhh, ahhhh, and proclaims he is a healer. When I roll my eyes and act annoyed, he covers my head with his hands and yells, “Exercise the demons! Demons be gone!” Seriously, he is A LOT. However, along with his caring comes his innate ability to make me laugh even when I find him completely exasperating.

I am very grateful for him, the fact that he cares, and he never says a word; he just acts. It’s amazing what a few supplements can accomplish in a very short amount of time. With all the blood work I have done, one would think a doctor would have mentioned low iron levels. This adds to my questioning of the medical field and medical professionals. I’m just relieved I feel better. I will now put up with my husband acting like Jesus Christ, Super Star, and appreciate him and even his antics. However, the references to The Exorcist and his imitation of a Southern Baptist Minister are a bit much. We must take the good with the bad…sigh.

On this sunny November day, stay safe, be smart, take your vitamins, and keep washing your hands.

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1 Comment

Nov 15, 2023

Glad you are feeling better; you guys make me chuckle

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