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The Eve of Shaker Woods Eve

Today, dear reader, is the last day we will have here at the farm this week. Saturday is our big show in Ohio. We will hand over the keys to the kingdom to Miss Jenna. She and Morgan will hold down the fort here until we return. To say we are excited about this show is an understatement. I have made lists, checked, and double-checked. Most of our inventory is already out in Ohio. Friday, we will display our products, complete the setup of the stand, and hopefully meet our neighbors. I am trying not to have any expectations for the show, but it is hard not to be excited.

The Bibbed Wonder has his custom-made bibs, thanks to Dr. Walker. The Bean and I are both wearing black maxi dresses or long black skirts with white blouses. Thankfully, the weather is supposed to be cooler and less humid than earlier in the week. When we went out to work on our little building on Monday, it was so hot and humid that even my legs were sweating. I don’t like to be hot. I like sweating even less. I am grateful for the cooler temps and lower humidity.

Although I am trying not to have any expectations, I anticipate a wonderful weekend. I’m looking forward to meeting new people, sharing our products, and making new friends. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. If you are looking for a weekend outing, Columbiana, Ohio, is a lovely little town, and the Shaker Woods Festival is wonderful. I know it’s blasphemous, but I plan to do some Christmas shopping while I am out there. The Bean is already giving me the Christmas countdown update.

On this eve of Shaker Wood eve, stay safe, be smart, if you have time, come out to The Shaker Woods Festival, and of course, keep washing your hands.

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