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Three Signs Spring Is Near

Here at the farm, there are telltale signs spring is just around the corner. Despite what that incorrigible rodent from the neighboring town predicted, I see signs that warmer weather, sunshine, and new growth are on their way. Although The Bean had a two-hour delay for school, the wind is whipping through the trees, and snowflakes are dancing on the breeze, I am certain spring is fast approaching.

I saw not one but three robins flitting about on the front lawn the other day. Robins are a harbinger of spring. Their puffed little redbreasts blend in with the dead leaves, but sure enough, I recognize their song at dawn, and they hide in the bushes near my living room window. When the robins return from their winter migration, I know for certain spring is near.

Also, my chickens are laying eggs again. They take a brief and much-needed break when the days are short and the night is long. Two days in a row, I have gathered a dozen eggs. The eggs are a beautiful blue, a muted green, a lovely ecru, and rich brown. They look like a still life from a Martha Stewart magazine cover when gathered in my egg basket. I’m thrilled the girls are producing again. Twice I had to purchase free-range eggs from the grocery store. I hate buying eggs. I feel it’s an injustice to support large agri-business, and I spend $200 a month to feed my hens. It’s a bitter egg to swallow. However, the girls’ internal clock is never wrong, and they have begun laying daily again. Indeed, Spring is near.

Lastly, I know it’s spring because today, we are putting aside our task of creating the perfect foaming hand soap, and we are making our spring and summer seasonal scents. My plan for liquid soap is multifaceted. Of course, I want to create a new, useful, high-quality foaming hand soap. However, I can plan an extensive seasonal line-up of soaps if I can distract one bib overall wearing wonder buns with liquid soap. If he is distracted, he will keep his naysaying to a minimum. I’m sure he will oppose my use of glitter, new scents, and fancy embeds, but I can have all this done while he is distracted with perfecting the liquid soap. I am sly like a fox…insert wink.

Today, we will make the first of our spring soaps. I am excited to create a new version of the wildly popular Honeysuckle. This one I’m calling Honeysuckle Hollow. It smells just like this little hollow in the woods that I walk with the dog when the weather is nice. It’s a blend of honeysuckle, rose oil, and a hint of patchouli. Now I know some of you will say, “I don’t like Rose or patchouli!” Trust me; this blend is beautiful. The honeysuckle is still the star of the combination, but the rose and patchouli just add depth and a touch of warmth. This is the opinion of a woman who is not a fan of rose or patchouli; this blend is beautiful.

We’re also making a new blend I’m calling Mint Julep. It’s a blend of peppermint, spearmint, litsea cubea, heather, and honey. I’m most excited about the design of this one. I envision a lovely pale yellow with a green teardrop top and sparkling ice cubes. If you are a mint lover, this one is for you. It’s a refreshing and uplifting scent just in time for spring colors, spring clothes, and porch sitting. It will be available in May, just in time for Spring At The Farm! Just a teaser, we are thinking the weekend before Mother’s Day to host another little event here at the farm. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate, the new babies will be bouncing around the pasture field, and the new chicks will have arrived. All sure signs that spring has arrived. Mark your calendar.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, know spring is coming, and keep washing your hands.

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