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We Need Your Help

If you order online, you will notice a new addition to your package. I have shared that we have added a new fundraising option to the services we offer. We hope to aid our soap family in raising funds for the many wonderful opportunities and activities in which they participate. By adding the new flyers to our orders, we are hoping our soap family will help us spread the word about our new fundraising option. You are the best, and we know you will take every opportunity to help us get the word out.

Our little company has grown from an idea based on necessity to a therapeutic activity, to a little side hustle, to our full-time job. It has evolved organically from support from you and by word of mouth. I expect our new fundraising option will be no different. Right now, we really need to get the word out about what we do, how it works, the benefits of our products, the pros of doing a fundraiser with us, and our focus on customer service. To date, we have done a dozen or so fundraisers. Each has run smoothly, and I believe everyone involved has been pleased. We have received only positive feedback from our organizations, which tells me we are doing something right. However, we are always ready and willing to listen to what our soap family and supporters have to say.

So, you may ask, what are the pros of doing a fundraiser with us? First and foremost, I wanted to offer a high-profit margin for groups and organizations. When I was teaching, I coached cheerleading and was the sponsor for the STARS Program, a community service organization for students. What I found most frustrating as a group leader were the limited options offered for fundraising and the low-profit margins offered. A person's circle is only so big, and with the low profit margins, we had to do multiple fundraisers to meet our goals. One can only expect one's circle to support so many different fundraisers. It was taxing for families and frustrating for the group, and people complained about the low quality and small amount of products for the amount of money they were spending. These were all valid complaints. I have carried that with me for almost two decades.

When we began planning our fundraiser option in earnest, I was adamant that groups and organizations be able to earn more than just pennies on the dollar. We decided that the best and most straightforward option would be to offer wholesale pricing. It's a fair practice, realistic, and beneficial to both the groups and us. For each $8 bar of soap sold, the group makes a $3 profit. For each of the $6 bars sold, the group makes $2. When compared with other fundraising options, this is a significant profit. As with any fundraiser, it is only as profitable as the individuals doing the sales. We are excited to offer incentives for fundraising groups, especially large groups. Incentives help motivate sellers, and we are happy to help encourage them.

Another pro of doing a soap fundraiser is the products are non-perishable. There is no danger of spoilage, pressure to refrigerate, or a narrow window of time for delivery. Individuals can pick up their orders on a Friday and have an entire weekend to deliver them without concerns of cold storage, products going stale, or foodborne illness. It also gives families time to create a convenient delivery schedule.

Yet another pro of doing a soap fundraiser is the products are both high-quality and useful. The majority of the population uses soap. Soap is used daily, thus making it a practical and useful product. Soap doesn't require a lot of space for storage, and it never goes bad. Even if someone only makes a one-time purchase, they are getting a product that isn't a waste of money, requires storage space, or has a short shelf life. This makes a wonderful selling point.

Last but not least, we offer nationwide shipping options. If a group sells 50 or more bars of soap, we offer free shipping. If a group sells under 50 bars, there is a flat rate of $15 for shipping. Because our products are non-perishable, we can ship to all fifty states without concern. As long as USPS is not experiencing any issues, the shipping time is usually within a few days. For local groups, we offer a pickup option on orders under 50 bars so the group can save on shipping. Pickup times must be scheduled in advance.

In my humble opinion, the above are all excellent reasons to do a soap fundraiser with us. I don't like to toot my own horn, but our attention to detail, flexibility, high-quality products, and concentration on customer care are the foundation for a successful sale. Please know we will do everything in our power to help you meet your goals and ensure your customers are happy. There are no added fees or hidden agendas, and we are transparent about our practices. As an added bonus, if you choose to do a fundraiser with us, you are helping a budding small, family, farm-based business and supporting the local economy.

We ask for your help spreading the word about our new fundraising option. If you order online and receive a package, a flyer about our fundraiser will be in each box shipped. If you don't do any fundraising, I gently ask that you please give our flyer to someone who does need a fundraising option. If you love our products and what we do, please tell others about us and our fundraiser. If you do social media, please share our fundraiser option. Better yet, if you have done a fundraiser with us and are happy with us, the process, and the products, please share your experience on social media or our web page. It costs nothing but a little bit of time, and we appreciate it endlessly.

On this sunny winter's day, stay safe and be smart; thank you for being such a wonderful addition to our lives, allowing us to do what we love, and helping spread the word about our fundraiser. We appreciate you is such a simple phrase, but it is true. Also, don't forget to wash your hands.

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