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What A Good Day!

Saturday was a wonderful day. We are overwhelmed by the positive response and attendance for our little event here at the farm. It was so good to see so many familiar faces and new ones too. I have said it before, and I will continue to say it, our soap family rocks. We are so appreciative of all you do for us, from buying our products to supporting our family business to interacting and sharing on social media, to helping spread the word about our little company by word of mouth, to your kindness in general, we are grateful for all you do. We couldn’t do this without you.

Our vendor friends are so impressed with you all. I heard several times from various vendors how friendly everyone was, how happy everyone appeared, how nice and respectful everyone was, and how generous you all were with sales. Many of my vendor friends had record sales on Saturday. Thank you all for supporting small, local businesses and making our event a success. Please know you are genuinely appreciated by so many.

The weather cooperated, thank goodness. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day. It wasn’t too hot; it wasn’t too cold; it was just perfect. I must admit, at 9:00, there was no one here, and I was getting very nervous. My biggest fear is that I waste everyone’s time. So many of our friends have to work hard to be here. Cody Simpson with Lone Oak Farm worked 15 hours the day before just to be able to attend our event. Carlene Dowell drives from Maryland to be here. Many of our friends drive in from over an hour away. I feel a lot of responsibility for the people who attend. However, you all make it worthwhile for my friends to be here. Thank you for making it worth the effort for them.

After the event, Eric and I kept repeating over and over, “What a good day!” Once we took care of the barn chores, I was in bed and asleep by 8:30. The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean took care of the baby pigs that night. I must report that sadly, out of the eight baby pigs born, only three are alive. Eric removed them from their mother completely. Despite all attempts, she just didn’t settle into the role of motherhood. Hopefully, this will not be a repeat performance, and she will better understand what’s happening and her role with future litters. If not, Eric swears he will not keep her. Sigh.

The other two Large Black sows, Dorothy and Blanche, are due to deliver next Thursday. Please send good thoughts our way that they do better than poor Rose. Saturday, after the event, we moved all three girls over to the pasture across the driveway to give them their own space, be together, and hopefully remain calm and do better with motherhood. We hope the other two do well, and Rose will learn from them. It’s a long shot, but Eric is willing to do anything to make this work.

Also, on the baby front, Little Black, aka Fuschia, gave birth to twins yesterday. We now have just two more does to deliver, and our baby season will be over. To date, we have twenty-three babies in the barn. I’m happy that we are already getting inquiries from people looking for goats to add to their herd. I have my favorites, but I am trying to maintain my attitude that not everyone can stay. When they are all so sweet, beautiful, and adorable, it isn’t easy to maintain that attitude. If you were in attendance on Saturday, I hope you could see all the babies. They really are adorable.

On this cloudy Monday, stay safe, be smart, thank you, and please know you are appreciated, and of course, keep washing your hands.

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1 Comment

May 03, 2022

It was wonderful meeting you & the Bibbed Wonder on Saturday & seeing your beautiful home & farm, especially the new babies! Now I’ll enjoy your blogs even more!

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