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Who You Surround Yourself With Matters

Welcome to another Monday, dear reader. I hope your weekend was everything you needed it to be. My weekend was filled with friends. The days I experienced this past weekend reminds me of what matters: connection, acceptance, support, laughter, and camaraderie. Surrounding myself with good people who lift me up makes a huge difference in my world. Being with people that share similar values, interests, and beliefs is such a wonderful thing.

On Friday, I had lunch with my friend Trisha. Spending time with Trish always puts me in a good mood and a smile on my face. Our lunches last for hours. We usually meet at one o’clock at a restaurant that is a midway point for us. I tell The Bibbed Wonder to be on high alert to get The Bean after school if I happen not to make it home in time on the days we have our lunch date. Some days, I don’t make it home until after five o’clock in the evening. To be able to spend hours with someone talking, laughing, and sharing is a rarity. However, with Trish, everything comes easy.

I told my bib overall-wearing buddy how much I enjoy spending time with our friend Trisha…she’s our friend, not just mine. Eric refers to Trish as his market wife because they hit it off so well. Trisha also adores my daughter. For a woman who claims she doesn’t enjoy children, she is good to my bean. I explained to Eric how much I enjoy my lunches with Trish because I feel comfortable with her. There is no pretense, competition, or feeling that I must keep myself in check or be someone I’m not. With Trish, I know I will get an honest response. We discuss everything from family life, friendships, relationships, business, goals, dreams, and future plans. I never feel judged or criticized when I talk with Trisha. It’s good to feel understood and accepted.

My friendship with Trisha is one of the many blessings that have blossomed from our soap business. If I weren’t making soap, I would not have been Trisha’s neighbor at Ligonier Market. If it weren’t for our soap business, I would never have met someone who has quickly moved from friend to family. My friendship with Trisha reminds me that family isn’t always a blood connection. Sometimes, family is someone who connects with you because of situations, shared experiences, or understanding. People who celebrate you when you make a positive change or experience success are rare. When we meet a goal or achieve a milestone, we know that Trish is genuinely happy for us. If we bounce an idea off her, we know we will get sound, genuine advice. If we do something stupid, we know we will gain insight into how to turn it around without judgment. Surrounding yourself with good, kind, genuine people is a good thing.

I hope, dear reader, you have at least one person in your world who supports you, gets you, sees you, accepts you, and loves you for exactly who you are and all the good you do. Everyone deserves that in their life. I’m fortunate that I have such good people in my world. I know that they not only improve my world but the world in general. Be the light for someone.

On this Monday morning in February, stay safe, be smart, surround yourself with people who raise you up, be a light in the world, and keep washing your hands.

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